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Fix Canon MP145 E16 Error Reset

Fix Canon MP145 E16 Error

canon pixma mp145 Fix Canon MP145 E16 Error Reset
If you are lucky, some errors you will encounter will only require resetting your Canon Pixma printer but on some really bad days your printer will be needing a parts replacement + technician labor which is most of the time cost a lot. Today I will be helping those people having a E16 error. This error means that your printer failed to scan the head alignment sheet. This error scares most of Canon Mp145 users. They thought they will be replacing a part of their printer or their cartridge.
Here are the easy steps to wake up from this nightmare:
  • Remove and clean the problematic cartridge
  • Insert back in the cartridge
  • Press the Stop/Reset button for 5 seconds then release
  • You should be printing by now icon smile Fix Canon MP145 E16 Error Reset

Fix Canon MP145 E16 Error

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