Remove open with Virus from drives windows xp

Remove open with Virus from drives windows xp

Remove open with Virus from Hard Disk Drives. Your antivirus software has removed the viruses till not opening by double click? Follow these steps

Remove open with Virus



mountpoints2 folder right click select permission


Remove open with Virus from drives windows xp

Click on advanced

Remove open with Virus from drives windows xp
Remove the tick from inherit from……….
Remove open with Virus from drives windows xp
Click on remove close and restart

Remove open with Virus from drives windows xp


  1. Recycler Virus with System Volume Information

    Along with recycler you can find another folder called System Volume Information. It contains the system restoration information.

    The recycler and system volume information folders have the attribute ‘hidden’ by default in Windows XP. So you can only see them if you choose to Show Hidden Files and Folders in Windows XP.

    But in Windows 8, these folders have a new name as well as new stealth mode. So these folders are not visible even if you choose to ‘Show Hidden files and folders in Windows 8′.

    But recycler is a virus, isn’t it ?

    Recycler Virus ExampleSometimes autorun viruses hide themselves inside recycler folder. If you find any executable file such as RECYCLER.exe then that particular file is a virus. Also if your computer is infected with a recycler.exe virus, you might find a vbs file or an autorun file with the following content in it:


    If you encounter these type of files, then your computer might be infected with a recycler virus. But remember that the recycler folder is not itself a virus. Its a system folder.

  2. If recycler virus is active, then no matter how many times you delete it, it will re-appear and create a copy of itself everywhere on the disk drive.

  3. So first Kill the process by opening Task Manager.
  4. Open task manager(right click on taskbar, select task manager). Go in processes tab
  5. Find recycler.exe
  6. Right click on it and click end process
  7. Open start menu > run > type msconfig > hit enter > go to startup tab.
  8. If recycler.exe is present in the list, then uncheck it.
  9. Open start menu > all programs > startup folder.
  10. If you find recycler.exe there, then delete it.
  11. Boot your computer in Safe Mode by hitting “F8″ until the “Advanced Boot Options” menu appears. Select “Safe Mode” from the prompt.
  12. Now search your computer for recycler.exe
  13. And delete each and every instance of it if you find any.
  14. Restart your computer.
  15. And install a proper Anti-virus or Anti-malware.

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