How to Reset Canon Pixma iP 1880


How to Reset Canon Pixma iP 1880

Waste Ink Counter Reset Manual for Service mode
1. Turn On iP1880
2. Push and Hold Resume button about 2 minutes
3. Release Resume button
4. Printer back to normal again

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iP%2B1800%2BService%2BTools How to Reset Canon Pixma iP 1880

Manual reset canon pixma ip 1880

On reset manual, sometime printer return blinking after turn on again. For reset manual following its way :

* Turn the printer on
* Press and hold Resume button for 1-2 minutes
* Open the printer cover
* Release the catridge and then put catridge again
* Close The Cover
* Turn Off then Turn On again.

How to Reset Canon Pixma iP 1880

1  Press the “Resume” button on your Canon iP 1880 printer. Hold the button for two minutes, then release.
2   Lift the printer cover. Remove the ink cartridge from the carrier. Insert the cartridge until it is seated fully in the         carrier.
3   Close the printer cover. Press the power button to turn off the power to the 1880 printer. Unplug the power cord from the     wall outlet. Wait 30 seconds then plug the power cord in. Press the power button to turn on the power to your printer.

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