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Reset Samsung ML 1640

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Reset Samsung ML 1640

Reset Samsung ML 1640

Before you continue with the reprogramming of the firmware, please make sure that the device is installed on your computer. Remove the chip from the cartridge or seal it up. And make sure that any other devices (except mouse and keyboard), which are connected to your computer via USB or LPT ports are disconnected. It’s preferable that the computer is connected to the “UPS” (uninterruptible power source) device, because if during the reprogramming process the electricity source has any interruptions, then the reprogramming will be carried out with an error, which makes the device unable to work.

Be aware that with the reprogramming of the firmware the manufacturer’s warranty goes lost!! 

1. Connect the printer to the computer and turn it on
2. Wait until the printer is ready for work
3. Open the folder “IgnorDev” and run file “fix1640_96.bat”
4. After that file has been run, a file “FIX_ML1640_V1010096.fls” should appear in the folder
5. Drag that file onto the file icon “usbprns2.exe”
6. Wait until the printer reprograms (1 minute) and restarts
7. After that the reprogramming process is finished, restart the printer


The firmware reprogramming file is not protected against any updates from the Samsung website! Do not download any updates yourself!

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Reset Samsung ML 1640

if the above method doesnt work pls try this

Reset Samsung ML 1640

Know How to Reset Samsung ML-1640, ML-1641, ML-1645 laserjet printer

“How to reset samsung ML-1640, ML-1641, ML-1645 toner chip, samsung ML-1640, ML-1641, ML-1645 error light, samsung ML-1640, ML-1641, ML-1645 red light,error samsung ML-1640, ML-1641, ML-1645″

Printer Samsung ML-1640, ML-1641, ML-1645 is an very good laser printer in very less cost. But the problem is that, when we refill the cartridge with toner it does’nt print
giving red flashing led and will ask for changing the toner cartridge(New Toner Cartridge Is Costlier So, you can save money by simple resetting your

How to Reset Samsung ML-1640, ML-1641, ML-1645 laserjet printer? Do the steps below..

1. Open the back cover of the printer by unscrew 2 nuts.

Reset Samsung ML 1640

2. There are 2 PCBs inside, which one is the Power supplycircuit board and other is main printer board i.e., green color. 
3. Find a small eprom 93C66 IC (8 pin) in Green Printer Board.


Reset Samsung ML 1640

4. Connect PIN 1 and 4 of the IC 93C66 with a small cable and solder it.

Reset Samsung ML 1640
Reset Samsung ML 1640

5. Then make sure all the cables are plugged back, and turn on the printer Samsung ML-1640, ML-1641, ML-1645.

6. Wait a few moments until the Samsung ML-1640, ML-1641, ML-1645 Printer calibration is complete and the lights flash green.
7. After a light green flame, turn off the printer.
8. Disconnect the small cable that connects pin 1 and 4 IC 93C66.
 9. Close the printer Samsung ML-1640, ML-1641, ML-1645, do not forget to attach the screw.

 10. SamsungML-1640, ML-1641, ML-1645 printer is ready for use again.

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