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Adjusting the top-of-form position Epson lx 300 300+ LX-300+ II LX-310

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Adjusting the top-of-form position Epson lx 300 300+ LX-300+ II LX-310

The top-of-form position is the position on the page where the printer starts printing. If your printing appears too high or low on the page, you can use the Micro Adjust function to adjust the top-of-form position.

Follow these steps to adjust the top-of-form position:

Never use the knob to adjust the top-of-form position; this may damage the printer or cause it to lose the top-of-form position.
  • Your top-of-form position setting remains in effect until you change it, even if you turn off the printer.
  • The top margin setting made in some application software overrides the top-of-form position setting you make with the Micro Adjust function. If necessary, adjust the top-of-form position in your software.
Make sure the printer is turned on.
Load paper. (If the tractor is in a push position, press the Load/Eject button to advance continuous paper to the current top-of-form position.) If necessary, lift up the printer cover so you can see the paper position.
Hold down the Pause button for about three seconds. The Pause light starts flashing and the printer enters the Micro Adjust mode.
Press the LF/FF button to move the top-of-form position up on the page, or press the Load/Eject button to move the top-of-form position down on the page.



  • The printer has a minimum and a maximum top-of-form position. If you try to adjust it beyond these limits, the printer beeps and stops moving the paper.
  • When the paper reaches the default top-of-form position, the printer also beeps and stops moving the paper briefly. You can use the default setting as a reference point when adjusting the top-of-form position.
After you set the top-of-form position, press the Pause button to exit the Micro Adjust mode.
For your safety, EPSON recommends operating the printer with the printer cover closed. The printer will function with the printer cover open or removed, but maximum safety and print speed are achieved when the cover is closed.

Adjusting the top-of-form position Epson lx 300 300+ LX-300+ II LX-310 

if done something wrong Reset epson lx 300 printer to default setings

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