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Epson tx121, tx121x ,me320, me340 waste ink tank is full reset

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Epson tx121, tx121x ,me320, me340 waste ink tank is full reset

waste ink tank is full

how to troubleshoot Epson tx121, tx121x and     epson me320, me340 printer.
with and error code display in the computer “the waste ink tank is full

First we need to download the  adjProg tool so we can reset the   printer.

click tweet or google plus or like to download the resetter softwere

Be sure the your Printer Connected to your Computer and the printer switch ON.

After we download the “adjProg tool” for our  Printer.
A. Extract the “AdProg tools” that you download.
B. Run the “adjProg.exe”  
C. Then follow the steps in picture bellow.

Step1. Click Accept.

Step2. Click Select.

Step3. Select the Model of the printer you need to reset and Click OK.

Note: If your printer epson tx121x select Epson Stylus TX121.
          If you printer Epson me 340 select Epson Stylus ME320.

Step4. Select the ESP as a Destination then Click Ok.


Step5. Click the Particular adjustment mode.

Step6. Select Waste ink pad counter and Click OK.

Step7. Check the  Main Pad Counter and alson the FL Box Counter Click Initialization.

Step8. Click OK.

After Clicking OK we need to wait a few second and wait to Pop up the Message that require to Turn OFF the printer.

After the printer Turn Off there was a message Pop up again Click OK, Switch ON your printer and
the printer will back normal again you can now Start Printing.

Epson tx121, tx121x ,me320, me340 waste ink tank is full reset

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  1. fred says:

    thanks a lot. it solved it.  

  2. Mathews Paul says:

    Dear Mr Pramod Das ,

    i looking for Epson L800 a Adjustment Programe to reset my wastein pad counter plz help me out 

    M Paul

  3. Efren says:


  4. Gilbert Bautista says:

    Thanks a lot.

  5. Gilbert Bautista says:

    I’m looking for a re-setter for Printer model Epson Stylus TX121x, Thank.

  6. Gilbert Bautista says:

    Mr. Pramod Das, Thank you very much, your the best.

  7. Christo says:

    Want to download Adjprog for my Epson stylus p50 printer.
    Where can i get it. Thanx

  8. M R Ashrafi says:

    Thanks Mr.Pramod,thanks for sharing.
    God Bless you Man.

  9. shyam says:

    pls send me epson stylus tx121 adjprog

  10. dagmarV says:

    Yehey! Huray for people like you who shares help to others.
    My printer was back to normal now.
    I was about to print my thesis when the reset pad error showed.
    Keep the good work man!

  11. roy says:

    hi thanks u

  12. Theodor S says:

    Sounds interesting, but I don’t know if it works for Epson expression xp 700 crap. Hope it does. I sent you a facebook Like anyway, and I’m glad some have been helped by your work !

  13. Greys says:

    thanks a lot! saved my day! :):)

  14. teddy says:

    thank you very much for helping us

  15. ecm says:

    thank you so much, Thank God, problem solved ! very happy !

  16. Joe Toekidi says:

    Thanks alot!

  17. DhamalD.B. says:


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